Nelly Noo was founded by mother and daughter team ( Dianne and Laura ) in 2013.

In February 2016 Nelly Noo was taken over by mother of two Helen, after just having another beautiful little girl.

When Laura had her 2 children (Jamie and Madison) she found it hard to find good quality second-hand equipment, toys etc. The only alternative was to pay the full price in shops, spend hours wondering around car boots or going through all the hassle of bidding on eBay.

As Laura's children got older, she also had the problem of what to do with all the equipment. Most of it was too good to throw away - but alternatives were hours on eBay, days a car boots trying to sell it all (with 2 children under 3 years!). Laura gave some items to charity but wanted some money back for some of the other items to buy new equipment.

Laura's mom Diane also had the problem in that she needed spare set of everything for when the kids stay, but did not want to pay top price for equipment that was occasionally used.

Nelly Noo provides parents, grandparents and carers with an alternative means of purchasing a great range of quality second hand equipment in one place at a great price. The ability to touch and feel the items is especially important when buying second hand which is where online market places like eBay become difficult.

Helen wants to keep the values of the brand that Laura and Dianne set up and keep this fantastic little shop going for all to enjoy.

In addition to the nearly new we stock we've expanded the maternity range and now stock a small selection of unique gifts - perfect as presents. Along with the usual essentials for babies and toddlers. We also are stockists for natal hypnotherapy products (Maggie Howell) cd's and books to help prepare expectant mothers so they can achieve a calmer fear free experience - you only have to talk to Helen to see how amazing and effective this can be!

We hope you'll come and visit us !

Kind regards

Helen and her team of helpers xxx