We stock our shop from people in the local area and offer the following when buying from you:

  • We donate 10% of profits to local charities
  • If we cannot sell items in our shop, we'll donate them to charity on your behalf
  • We save you the time, hassle cost of selling via places like eBay or car boot sales

How to sell to us

If you have items to sell, simply get in touch and we'll evaluate your items either over the phone or we'll ask you to drop your items into the shop. We can also collect from you if you have a lot of stuff or some high value items and you are local (see below).

Once we've agreed a price, we'll buy your items from you and sell them in our shop - simple as that :). You are under absolutely no obligation to sell your items to us after we'd given a valuation. So if the price is not right for you, you are welcome to decline our offer, we will not be offended (promise!)

For single items that are worth over £30, we'll sell on a commission basis. See our Commission Policy for the full details of this.

How we will evaluate your goods

We will do our best to give you a fair price for your goods, but we are a business and have to leave enough margin to pay our bills so we will not be able to offer you the best price compared to what you'd get selling our items yourself via eBay etc. However, in return for the lower price we can offer a quick, simple, no hassle service and an easy way to 'off-load' those unwanted baby items taking up space in your home. We also donate 10% of annual profits to charity so you'll be making a small charitable contribution by selling to us (see below).

The price we offer you will depend on the condition and desirability of the item. We'll also take into account the current new and second hand prices (we'll generally use eBay to work out the typical second hand selling price). The amount of stock we are already carrying of that item will also affect our valuation.

Generally speaking, our offer will be lower than the going price on eBay so if you are looking for 'top dollar', you may be better off selling your items directly via eBay etc.

Do we buy 'job lots'

We do buy bundles of certain items which we offer flat prices for.

Carrier bags of undamaged, mixed clothes are generally bought at a flat rate of £5 per bag.

We'll buy boxes/bags of small toys for a single price too.

Free collection

We offer free collection within the local area for most customers.

See our Collections Policy for more detail. This includes how to qualify for free collection and how we classify the local area.

Charitable Donations

We like to support the local communities so we promise to donate 10% of all profits to local charities, children's centers and women refuge centers.

If we buy something that is not right for our shop for whatever reason, we'll give it to local charity shops.

See our Charitable Donations Policy for more detail.

What we don't buy

There are certain items that we will not buy or sell for various reasons including hygiene, safety, regulation or simply because we struggle to sell these items on.

  • Children’s clothing with hood cords
  • Damaged, stained clothes, Underwear and socks
  • Damaged, incomplete toys
  • Pushchairs that do not comply with British Standard 7409 or EN1888
  • Car seats that have been in an accident
  • The following Baby carriers/slings: Infantino Sling rider, Premaxx baby bag, Munchkin cargo sling, Boppy carry in comfort, Lamaze close comfort, Wendy Bellissimo sling
  • Upholstered products such as Prams, highchairs etc… that do not have a ‘Carelessness Causes fire’ label
  • Cot mattresses, moses baskets and travel cots with mattresses
  • Electrical goods that do not comply with the relevant British/European Standards
  • Baby bottles